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Michael Jackson Haters
People who have something against Michael Jackson because they're jealous and they only listen to The Media, which only tells lies..
They spend their time going to places filled with MJ Lovers (opposie of MJ Haters, obviously) and insulting, punning, disrespecting Michael just to piss them off..
They have terrible grammar and can't spell worth a damn..
They have no life and places they go to rant about Michael and look stupid are:
Yahoo! Answers - The Celebrity Section
Any YouTube video that's filled with MJ love
Any place that talks positively and truthfully about Michael Jackson
MJ Lover: Hey, everyone that's an MJ fan.. I just uploaded a tribute to Michael on YouTube.. Go check it out!!

MJ Haters: Michael Jackson?? The white woman?? HAHAHA.. You guys are losers.. NO ONE LIKES MICAL JACKSON!!!!

MJ Lovers: *gangs up on the MJ Haters and beats the crap outta them* Oh really?? No one likes MJ.. you're all ill-minded creeps!! Go get a life!!
by MissCherie August 11, 2009
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