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This is way of life of inferior in intellect MISM students, who are mostly free and dumb as compare to rest of the CMU students.

Mism students are cash cows for CMU, they have very easy subjects. I remember sitting in one of the MISM class, it was literally joke compared to my CS classes. MISM is easy to get in program, thats why they have like 1000's of students in it.

Mism students are so DUMB that they have to make niteouts even for the course work of highschool standard :D
A - We are DUMB STUPID and have nowhere to go, There should be some place for us. :(

B - Havent you heard about MISM, Lets do MISMing
by CSGrad August 13, 2012
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MISMing is a way of life of MISM (Master of Information Systems Management) students/graduates from CMU(Carnegie Mellon University) which consists of crazy work and study during the weekdays with very little sleep followed by even crazier partying over the weekend. Its like Work/Study hard, Party harder, hardly sleeping.

People leading this way of life have awesome analytic skills accompanied with amazing soft-skills and are adept in both business and technology.
Dude that chick is totally MISMing ,.. she works for a consulting company for 80hrs a week and parties all weekend..

All work and no party make Joe a dull boy, so Keep MISMing
by Spirogyra March 24, 2012
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