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MILsplaining (a union of the acronym for Mother In Law - MIL and the informal variant of the verb explaining - 'splaining') is a play on the word Mansplaining where the informee is usually more informed on a topic than the informer. In this case, the MIL uses a condescending and patronising tone when providing a son- or daughter-in-law advice they are not seeking and/or information already well in their grasp. The advice generally concerns medical and parenting topics presented as indisputable 'facts' without evidence or reasonable adjustment to scientific or technological developments of the past 30-100 years. The condescending MILspaining tone also implies a criticism or judgement of the son- or daughter-in-law, or the couple.
She was describing the birth of her child when her Mother-In-Law started MILsplaining what the birth was really like, despite the Mother-In-Law not being present and mixing up the details. In the end, the Mother-In-Law informed her that she was wrong about her own labour, instead the birthing experience must have been different and bearing a remarkable likeness to her husband's birth some 35 years prior.
by UrbanGreening May 23, 2018
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