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Super passionate humanitarian, compassionate animal lover, very intelligent, humorous and very resourceful. A genuinely beautiful individual inside and out which is rare in this world!! Very friendly, honest and vocal in her opinions.. A perfectionist who wants everything at its best. A charismatic person who loves animals, boating, cooking and entertaining, gardening, shopping and taking photos. A VERY SPECIAL GEM UNLIKE ANY OTHER!!
"Michele always wins a war of wits through determination and strategy"
by Chelanna December 21, 2016
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1.A girl who does not try yet always gets attention.
2.Musical girl with a modern siren like vibe.
3.A girl always causing men to "crash" due to her beauty.
4.Highly attractive female who could care less
-That girl is such a Michele!
-Man I wish my girlfriend could be like a Michele!!
by Anonymous4vr March 30, 2008
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A very good friend. someone that is always there for you and never leaves your side. basically amazing.
Michele you're amazing.
by Kaylabella January 01, 2009
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A woman of faith. A loyal lover. A devoted mother. A faithful friend.
Michele loves her faith, family, and friends. There is no "hell" in her name.
by Flexibilty February 08, 2010
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a girl who is down to earth and is not afraid to have a little fun. she always tries new things and is always there for her friends. she is very cute and everyone thinks so. and she has a beautiful laugh
boy 1:hey look at that girl over there
boy 2: who michele?
boy 1:hell ya
boy 2:she is so cute!!
boy 1: tell me about it
boy 3: hey thats my sister
by hoover227 December 10, 2010
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A very concieted girl, yet she has every right to be concieted.
She is also very intelligent, and has a way with manipulating things.

She's also the love of my life.
oooh, my michele is so awesome. :)
by Christopher Joseph Ford October 27, 2008
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The FRENCH way to spell the traditional Michelle. Just cause u prefer 2 "L's" doesnt mean they are NOT BOTH beautiful in their own right!
That Michele over there is FINE!!!
by the one with one L February 04, 2010
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