OMG that joke was freakishly good, MFLOL!!
by Alpha_Omega_Peasant February 18, 2023
"Me freaking laughing out loud"

painfully good comedy
When you laugh so hard that it hurts.
damn that joke had me dying, MFLOL!
by CaptainObvious007 March 23, 2023
An adaptation to the abbreviation "lol"
meaning Mother fucking lol
Someone has just stated something hilarious

"hahaha MFLOL!"
by Jennalee May 23, 2007
An alternation to the abbreviation of "lol"
-Mother Fucking lol
Meaning something is utterly hilarious
Person one: states something hilarious
Person Two: hahha MFLOL!
by Jennalee May 28, 2007