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1) Person of extreme gingerness (not good) who is also being stuck in an 80's timewarp resulting in severe brain capacity reduction

2) An object of affection for confused teenage female(s) who have become disenchanted with their angst ridden existance and subsequently lost touch with reality

3) Person with limited moral and intersocial understanding who fails to comprehend that they are universally disliked (with the exception of 2) and do not see that their behaviour has a severe impact on the way others think of them
1) That boy is pure MEGAginge

2) Its sickening, he is just MEGAginge

3) Thank god for the ignore option
by MEGAdisgust crew September 03, 2004
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MEGAginge is the name of an ex moderator of nukezone and founder of the now ended mega crew - He is either loved or hates but is for sure a legend
Newbie: MEGAginge is a legend
MEGAginge: I agree!
by John Smith July 25, 2004
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