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A Minecraft YouTuber, modder and a server owner. He makes his own mods, and is the owner of "MCE626's Server". He makes Minecraft videos on YouTube
MCE626: "Hi"
Person 1: "Holy crap! It's MCE626!!"
by Pam-Dama-Rama April 16, 2013
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A YouTuber that does minecraft videos. He is the creator of "More Blocks Mod" for minecraft versions 1.5.2 and up. He does mod reviews, big builds, minecraft school, and vanilla minecraft in 3d. He is soon starting on a new series with a friend on one of the technic packs. He will soon be a machinima, and will get a lot more popular from the mod reviews, mods and other stuff he's done.

He also has a help forum, that's part of his site that has news of general minecraft stuff, and his mod news.

More about his history with minecraft and stuff is on the "More Blocks Mod" wiki he made for his mod.

He is pretty good with redstone, and is just good at minecraft in general...

MCE626, and some of his friends are all planing on making a company, but they are not telling what the name is, or what they'll be doing.
MCE626's Famous Quote - "Hey guys, welcome back"
by ChickPlayinMinecraft September 08, 2013
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MCE626's real name is Steve, and he is a Minecraft YouTuber. He recently get accpeted for the Machinima network on YouTube. He does mod review, some let's plays and forge modding tutorials.

He used to have a server, but gave up on it, as he didn't have time for it.

MCE has also created mods. His first mod, More Blocks Mod, was released on May 14th, 2013. This mod was made in minecraft 1.5.2. MCE has also created the Reinforced Doors Mod. He was just the programmer, as the idea came from his friend, Crazy.

He is pretty good at redstone, and advances in minecraft on a new world pretty fast....

He has tweeted out, and shared that he sailed and ran a little over 17 thousand blocks in the TekkitLite modpack on his friends server....

MCE's "Iconic Pet" (What mob a youtuber is known for (SkyDoesMinecraft is know for squids, SCMowns for wolves, etc.) is a ocelot (Not tamed) named "Clair".
MCE626's Quote: "Hey guys, welcome back"
by MCChick November 22, 2013
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