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A Middle Cubicle Bandit. Someone who, in a public or workplace toilet environment with three cubicles, deliberately chooses to occupy the middle cubicle when either:

a) none of the side cubicles are occupied
b) one of the side cubicles is occupied and the other is vacant

A disgraceful and flagrant abuser of toilet etiquette who should be named and shamed.

It is common courtesy to choose the side cubicle as a first option and only ever use the middle cubicle in an emergency if the other two are occupied.

The real purpose of the middle cubicle is to provide a comfortable space between shitters.
I was just squeezing one out and that bloody MCB came in again. To make matters worse, he had a case of the shits and stunk the place out in quick time. Couldn't get out of there quickly enough.
by The Peaceful Shitter April 15, 2009
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Master Cock Block- The one guy or girl that always appears and cock blocks you to the extreme
Earl: Hey Jim, did you get any last night?
Jim: Nah, Right when I was about to Tom came in and cock blocked me
Earl: Word? This is the 5 time this week.
Jim: I know, He's such a MCB
by Monkeyboy132 September 06, 2010
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ma ji bai

j=ji=chee(some dialects)
b=bai=byee(some dialects)
ji bai=women's that part
that means your mother's "that part"

it is a word often use in malaysia
mostly in dota
A:B's really a noob
by Rapper1988 August 10, 2008
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The act of taking four alcoholic drinks in a row; a shot of tequila, a shot of lemon drop, a shot of jack daniels and a jager-bomb.
Josh Zimmerman took two Mc. B's and passed out in the middle of Central
by Michael Nightingale January 29, 2008
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Marisa Circle Boyz

Marvin Mobsters

Gods of Mass Destruction

Crew on Staten Island, NY, thats gang bangs in the streets...
Marisa Circle Boyz...
by blthrskt April 29, 2009
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= McBiscut from McDonalds

this is text/internet abbreviation

see caps text in example.

lame people say "em see bee"
this is an aim conversation:

tfullLegend: i want mcb
TENDERLY ON THE ROCKS : go and get her at mcdonalds!
by Micky Max May 30, 2009
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Mad Cuz Bad. A term used to describe the temper of someone who is angry at all players in a game because their own skill is awful .
"Dude don't flame me because she out played you. MCB"
by Werrium Mebster March 27, 2017
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