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A legend in the making, MC Keegs is said to be the inspiration for rappers everywhere. It is said to finally reach enlightenment after listening to his new single, "I fucked that bitch."

His albums are said to give ear orgasms.
Dude why do you look so stoned?" "Duude I just listened to MC Keegs new album, "All over My Dick" its freakin sick
by Dharn it December 04, 2010
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MC Keegs is the greatest of compliments. Being called this means you are an amazing rapper and an insanely strong man.
A synonym for MC Keegs is:

The Lean Mean Keegan Machine.
An upcoming underground rapper from compton, who with his debut singles, is about to make history. Critics foresee as MC Keegs as the pioneer of a new generation of rappers. MC Keegs is also a bodybuilder, even at such a young age.

Usually, this word is used as a description of THE MC Keegs. Other people referred by this name are impostors. This is the highest title that can be given to a rapper, and usually only after decades of training.
I fucked that bitch - MC Keegs
Ugly-MC Keegs
Debut Album: Mothafuckin' Hoes
Album 2: All over My Dick
by Host of 99.9, MC Keegs Live December 02, 2010
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a rapper who is his own inspiration
he, not jay z, is the only rapper to rewrite history without a pen
tupac and biggie died because they couldnt handle the up-and-comingness of him
his words are so tight they dont need a belt on em.
Daaang man, did you hear MC Keegs new single, "Fucked that bitch"? it's sickk
by atlpride December 02, 2010
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