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Abbreviation of "Middle Aged Man On The Toot", meaning a man that goes to the pub often and drinks heavily.

Many 40-50 year-old blokes spent much of their youth in pubs. Since that time, many traditional public houses have either closed(1) or been turned into trendy gastro-establishments or brash, loud bars. MAMOTTs are part of a trend where drinkers are returning to their roots, seeking out quieter bars, often with "real ale" offerings, and are starting to rebuild a traditional pub culture.

This trend is increasingly being acknowledged in social science research circles, for example by Dr Lyn Brierley-Jones of Sunderland University where MAMOTTs are perfectly described in the "traditional" drinker classification(2).

(1) According to CAMRA, an average of 31 pubs are closing down every week in the UK
(2) Abstract: Habits of ‘home’ and ‘traditional’ drinking: a qualitative analysis of reported middle class alcohol use
Brierley-Jones, L., Ling, J., McCabe, K. E., Wilson, G. B., Crosland, A., Kaner, E. F. and Haighton, C. A. (2014) Sociology of Health & Illness, 36: 1054–1076
doi: 10.1111/1467-9566.12145

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This is a good bar, though rather full of MAMOTTs
by CRJB January 15, 2015
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