Any town/city beggining with the letter "M". Many people who live in places that start with the letter "M" and call their city/town M-town, attempt to claim ownership of the original origin exists.
TX kid, in Marshall: "I live in M-town."
TN kid, in Memphis: "No, I live in M-town."
by Court4282 January 16, 2008
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Meridian, California.
Dude 1: "Hey, where you from?"

Dude 2: "M-town, bud."
by Jake the Ninja December 29, 2009
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Another name for Melbourne, Florida
lets get out of Mtown so we can actually do something fun.
by TheTman May 02, 2008
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Nonsensical nickname for Silver Spring, MD...made up by residents who wish they were more thugged and ghetto than they actually are.
We from M-TOWN, nigga!
by ralys38 October 30, 2007
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n. An abbreviation for the official name of a conglomeration of people that happens to begin with "M". May stand for Memphis, Middletown, or even my personal favorite: Midland, MI.
You better not mess with those crazy nerds from M-town...they will orkfia you to kingdom come.
by the m-nerd June 15, 2004
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M-Town stands for Milpitas thats in California where the real playas are
You Down To Represnt M-Town
by B-Dezzy January 22, 2005
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Also known as Merrimack, New Hampshire. An average size town in southern New Hampshire where everyone is a beer expert or alcholic thanks to the Budweiser Brewery in town. Located between the two biggest cities in New Hampshire and is known for three things: Beer, Babes, and the one thing that requires both..... Parties...
M-town is where I come from....
by Just May 01, 2005
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