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She’s a #bitch sometimes but she keeping secrets and ACTS crazy around he crush for some dumbass reason but okay....she loves to #sing if you have a LUWAM ur lucky asf
Has too many freinds don’t care what people think of her has a big Attitude with the techers and sometimes hates love though -if I had to define Luwam she’s a crazy BITch and has name issues and is a keeper..people who don’t see tat byee👋🏽👋🏽
by Cleo😍😍 May 30, 2018
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Luwam is a sexy slut. Who is very strong. She loves food and sex the same and could never choose between them. She is a little alcoholic but cannot really handle her drink. And a fond pet lover.
Guy1: you see that girl eating food over their
Guy2: that's luwam she eats like she makes love
by penis 69 October 20, 2013
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