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To locals- (loo-ray)
To others- (luh-ray)

A small town in Northwestern Virginia, duly noted for Luray Caverns, which has probably employed everyone currently living in Luray at some point in time. Another attraction would be the local Walmart, which, if demolished, would most likely lead to the mass starvation of the county's populace. Other sites include a McDonald's, an excessive number of antique shops, and a tower that is in the shape of a penis. Otherwise, Luray is just another small country town located within the Shenandoah Valley.
"So where is Luray?

"Do you know Luray Caverns?"


"Never mind then."
by Triadoom December 14, 2010
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the best town in Western Virginia.
Where everybody gets along and it's also home to the WORLD FAMOUS LURAY CAVERNS, the best caverns in the east.
Man: You're going to Luray?
Woman: Yes, for vacation!
Man: WOAH! Luray Caverns is the best!
by DCRockafellaz September 02, 2006
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Shit town in Virginia who's only highlight is a shitty cave called 'Luray Caverns'. Residents are usually inbred rednecks who are very ill-educated.
What do you call a virgin in Luray?

Faster than her uncles.
by Sad but true. November 09, 2004
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