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vastly popular and ground-breaking manga/anime starring master theif Lupin the Third, grandson of the fictional Arsene Lupin (Arsene Lupin was a French book series that was also popular, yet not half as cool as Lupin the Third). The manga was created, written, and drawn by the genius Monkey Punch (his pen name). also known as Lupin III, or Lupin the III. Lupin was a robin hood of sorts, stealing from mostly rich and the evil. His love interest was Fujiko Mine, a girl who would often double cross him but sometimes would confess love to him, although Lupin never scored with her. Lupin's companions, the expert gunman Gigen and the samurai Goyemon (spelling probably wrong) would often help him with his adventures. Lupin was constantly chased by Zennigata, a cop who's life goal was to catch Lupin. Zennigata was named after a Japanese hero, as was Goyemon (possibly Fujiko and Gigen as well). Lupin himself has become a pop culture icon in Japan and worldwide. The manga would often have Lupin fucking women and cursing. It was because of this that it was considered the first "adult" in the non pornographic sense manga, and therefore the first intended for adults anime. truly a great series.
Lupin the Third's up there with Astro Boy in terms of relevance to anime, only he's 50,000 times cooler.
by thegreatmonkey October 22, 2005
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An incredible Anime, Stars a Thief named Lupin, (a master pimp) A samuria that can cut anything in two, a gun-slinger, Fujiko, a sneaky thief, and Zenegata, a freakin hilarious dectective that is obsessed with capturing them. The animation is great in my opinion, it's a cool old-school looking anime style, and each episode has a interesting plot and will keep you guessing
Lupin has cool animation, great charectors, Incredible plots, and is freakin hilarous, there's nothing to not love
by The True Spikes July 14, 2005
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International Thief of Mystery. Lupin is a pimp...and anybody out there who disagrees is gonna get mushroom slapped by this bad ass mamma jamma!
Lupin the third just bagged 758 fly honies and one hooker. He was so good the hooker gave the money back!
by uh...uh....definitly not Lupin September 15, 2003
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Funny show about a gang of international thiefs. Wai! Wai!
Lupin means wolf in Japanese. This show was around as manga before Harry Bastard and The Prisoner of Azkaban was even EXISTIENTAL!!!!! >_<
by TheRubberDuckyofAllThingsE.V.I.L. September 06, 2003
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An Anime TV show with poor animation and bad plots. Two Thumbs Down.
Lupin The Third is extremly Gay!!!
by Lily Lighting August 11, 2003
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