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The most underrated NBA player out there.
Oh snap! Luol Deng just hit a J in LeBron's eye.
by Jamaal Tinsley is gay May 16, 2006
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Starting SF for the Chicago Bulls. Excellent midrange jumpshooter and a good slasher/finisher. Not particularly athletic, but tall for an SF (6' 9''). Decent defender. If he develops a postgame, will become Chicago's #1 option.
"Luol Deng, the Man from Sudan."
-NBA TV anchors

"Luol Deng, rhymes wit' bang."
-NBA TV anchors

"Luol Deng looks like the donkey off Shrek 2."
by Rfederer8 May 12, 2007
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the ill-matic gumdeng that plays on the Bulls.

see gumdeng for more info
Luol Deng is such a gumdeng
by Jamaal Tinsley November 09, 2004
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