When a girl (or girls) lie down on a table and the guys line up as if they're in a lunch line. They each get a turn snacking on her pussy.
The lunch line looks good today hopefully I can get a taste.
by Greenfruit430 January 5, 2019
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When two male students from Bulgaria cut to the front of the lunch line and challenge each other to a sword fight (with their penises) right there right now whoever comes out on top at the end of the fight gets to be served lunch first this is very common practice in Bulgaria but it is slightly more shocking to see in other places.
The German Lunch Lady complained that Chadwick and brady where performing the Bulgarian lunch line and put a stop to it pretty quick
by Swazey1450 March 31, 2023
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A person who’s “friends” talk to them if they want to skip the lunch line (or when they otherwise need something) but is ignored otherwise
"I feel like I'm just a lunch line friend to the others."
by February 23, 2022
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