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This is a very crazy and dangerous individual that is ticking like a timebomb, ready to go off.
Some scientists are lunaticks that create destructive toys all the time. They usually do this for money (greed). Discovering how to create yet another smatomicistic bomb and then they go right ahead and detonate the thing even though they thought it might just destroy the whole galaxy.
by cmilton111 December 28, 2011
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An insane person who thinks he can tell/keep time by watching the moon.
I wonder if da the some lunatick who came up with the "weather-rock-on-a-string" (if the rock's wet, it's raining; if it's white, it's snowing; if it's swinging, it's windy, etc.) invented the stupid "moon-phases" dial on fancy large clocks... who needs to know what phase of the moon it is, and why would you even need a *clock* to tell you that info, anyway??? Just look outta da 0%!$@#& WINDOW to see if da moon is visible out there or not!
by QuacksO July 07, 2018
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