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A child older than 15 but not yet 30 that attaches themselves to there parents and friends like a leach. They will not work, walk around looking for ways to get video games and sit on their ass 24/7 doing nothing but eating, sleeping and playing the newest game they have coned there parents or friends for. This person is uncomfortable around anyone other video nerds or people just like themselves. They will also when in a verbal fight accuse the very people that help them of getting them what they want not what they need.

They usually will amount to nothing in life but a sponge or leach.
Brother: Do you know where Cody is?

Father: I don't know where that useless Lumbering Lomax is at!

Dude that bitch Cody is nothing but a Lumbering Lomax!
by Big Bad Bobinator December 11, 2012
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