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A speed walking, yoga slaying, PTO president elitisit. The type of women to ask the waiter for a better table, twice. She's a real nice MILF to have on your good side, but cross her child and her perfectly manicured toes and tori burch sandal is going straight up your butt hole
"Yo Kevin wanna finish our project tonight? "

"No man, I've got a lululemon mom. She'll do it for me"
by Rotisseringchickens June 29, 2016
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A MILF that always looks ready to go to pilates or hot yoga. Dressed head to toe in lululemon with the occasional patagonia jacket. She is PTA president and is super involved in her kids lives. Likely shops at whole foods. You can probably catch her running around her neighborhood park pushing her children in a stroller. Drives a land rover to meet for brunch with other lulu moms.
Sarah is such a lululemon mom! I always see her going from manicure appointment to pilates to PTA meeting to brunch with the girls!
by lindseyploomer October 09, 2017
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