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Are the girls and women who wear lululemon, although there have been known male luludemons. They prance around in yoga outfits and think they are better than everyone else. Most just pose anyways. They are known for their evil attitude problems and loud banter over their cell phones. They assume that since they have money and brand names, they can treat everyone else like dirt.
Two luludemons in their natural habitats. Note how they like to make others feel worthless:

Lu#1: So I buy ALL my outfits at lululemon because it makes me look so hot.
Lu#2: We are so much better than everyone else. Watch me pose and say I do yoga. But I could never break a sweat. That's gross.
Lu#1: Ewww. Sweating is for poor people.

by sorshavampyr January 28, 2007
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