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Luffer comes from the word lover. It's a word for crush, or someone you really admire. Often used to describe celebrity, or internet crushes.
Johnny Depp is my luffer.
That boy on the internet, he is my luffer.
I luff him/her.
by xDOMINOx July 09, 2006
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Someone you love very very much, and you can't put into words how much you love this person.

No matter what kind of love it is, whether it's friendly love, or the kind of love that you have for someone you have fallen for.

You would take a bullet for them anyday and you would even stand in front of a bus just to save their life.
by Miranda J. September 09, 2006
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One who participates in the act of luff. Your partner in luffing.
I luff my Jenn alot, we're luffers.
by devinen September 26, 2004
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