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a. A portmanteau derived from the combination of the proper name 'Lucifer' and the verb 'forbid'

b. An contraposing alternative to the idiom* "God Forbid" used interjectionally to express dismay or earnest condemnation of any hypothetical circumstance to which the speaker would object on grounds that it would run counter to their depraved, unholy, decadent, egocentric, pleasure-driven, self-serving, hedonistic or otherwise anti-altruistic, "Satanic" interests, efforts and preferences.
"I think I'll call up Anton, unless - Luciforbid - he's renounced modern technology and become a bearded Luddite!"

"Crap! This thing needs fresh batteries. Grab the ones out of Grandma's heart monitor if, Luciforbid, there are no more new AA's in the fridge!"
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