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Her own woman. Puts the "warrior" AND the "princess" in "warrior princess". Over-all beast at life. Not one to back down from ANY battle. EVER! The modern day Joan of Ark. Extremely stubborn and independant but this makes her untouchable. Stand up to her and you will learn your place very, very quickly because she will put you there. Earns respect faster than anyone or anything imaginable. Will give a nice face slapping to anyone who hurts her friends in any way. All men ask for her hand but none prevail. She is not one to jump into anything without immense thought. When she finds a suitor worthy of her Lozeness the world will be as one but at the same time all hell will break loose. Things will just work as they should. Although she is very tough on the outside, if you ask her for advice she will give you the best advice that will ever meet your ears because she is all-knowing.
Girls: Jeeze, how could anyone be so smart, beautiful, athletic, and right about everything?? I wish I was a Lozen *jealous*

Boys: Aw hot damn look at that Lozen! I would totally tap that. But if I did I know that I would lose that hand... It's almost worth it.
by gunnihooper3 October 03, 2011
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