The irrational hatred of white Europeans by Jewish people.
Since WW2, loxism has become normalized in Western culture.
by Free-speech October 21, 2022
a semi ironic ideology, that holds hatred for non-jewish (goyische) white people, and believes in jewish supremacy.

-many white supremacists believe that all jews are loxists.

-some jews have taken the phrase and used it ironically. it can be used unironically, rarely.
I love those based loxists!”
“Loxism is so epic and chad-like”
by meira <3 March 25, 2021
Loxism is a term for the hatred Jews can feel for non-Jewish white people.
"Loxism is correct, white people are too often racists and bigots."
by ProboscisMonkey October 10, 2022