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a semi ironic ideology, that holds hatred for non-jewish (goyische) white people, and believes in jewish supremacy.

-many white supremacists believe that all jews are loxists.

-some jews have taken the phrase and used it ironically. it can be used unironically, rarely.
I love those based loxists!”
“Loxism is so epic and chad-like”
by meira <3 March 25, 2021
corn father be arugin about wtf this means it actually just means i say it mean leonardo dicaprio is my baby, but bby is shortened to fit the character limit, and "my" was taken, so it was changed to "ma". corn father say that its "leonardodicaprioism (space) abby" which tbh make no fuckin cent! not one individual penny. nobody else is thinkin about a leo ideology but u ! i be right! hmu @leonardiodicaprioismabby and let me know im right! thanks girlue
im right corn father is wrong its leonardodicaprioismabby not leonardodicaprioism abby (cuz that not be makin cent)
by meira <3 June 8, 2022
Beautiful person who is funny, kind, smart, and pretty much perfect. Living proof of G-d.
M: I love Sabrain so much!
Z: She is literally so funny.
by meira <3 September 3, 2021
Someone who needs to stfu.
Not to be confused with gay.
Me: Can that goy stfu.
by meira <3 May 29, 2021