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A word that newbs say in online video games when they think someone is doing something cheap to win.
Jenny: omg fmg9 akimbo noob!

Jose: They're in the game, therefore I'm allowed to use this weapon.

Jenny: ur just a low bob who has to do anything just to win!
by Hare1lh January 17, 2012
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Code word for fellatio. A corruption of blowjob.
Me: Sorry I missed your call, I was getting a lowbob.
Friend: A what? *pause* Oh....
by Mamarillas January 11, 2005
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Someone who takes the path of least resistance. A person who will cheat and exploit shamelessly as long as it gives them an advantage; whilst at the same time deluding themselves into thinking they're playing legitimately.
billy : It is in the game so it is fair.

Bob : No billy, only lowbobs use the easiest guns.
by Kng.Steele September 14, 2017
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