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Lovely peaches (lovelypeaches4ever100) is a 17 year old girl who got fame on instagram from eating her own shit and tampons, slapping herself, and shoving remotes in her coochie. She also has a hit song called “itching and burning”. She has a daughter named Cora Miracle.
by Katie 420 floyd October 13, 2018
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Some sick bitch on TikTok who hurts her child but somehow still gets clout
Person 1: omg did you see lovely peaches talking about her stank coochie

Person 2: yeaaa lmao that shit was funny
by peachesisbaeeperiodt January 12, 2020
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ate her ass last night, found bugs on my dick
yoo this girl gave me some bad stds her name was lovelypeaches she gave me bugs
by wheremysuperkah00t May 11, 2020
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Lovely Peaches, the definition of insane. She has said how she has abused her child and gotten 30-year-old men to rape her child whilst she was 2 years old, Peaches has also said when her child Cora was 8 months old she was trying to steal her mother's boyfriend flirting and trying to show him her ass. But the things was this had never happened, it's was a fantasy of Peaches which is messed up for a mother to think about their child! Peaches has also shown herself masturbating on her live streams, whilst minors were watching. lovelypeachesmusic100
"Lovely Peaches is-"
"Don't say it.. What's she done this time?"
"She raped a minor and developed ANOTHER STD!"
"Is that 5 now?"
"No, 7"
"Ohh, did you see where she was having sex with a 70-year-old man on a live stream?"
"NO! I don't want to"
by FactSpeaker... June 28, 2020
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Just some 19 year old who flashed Malu Trevejo and skai Jackson,sent a 30 year old to r8pe Charli D’amelio, twerks on Instagram and gets fucked on live. She also eats her own shit and period blood.
Person 1: who was the girl that flashed Malu?
Person 2: lovely peaches
by Fxnners July 08, 2020
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