All the passion and fire of making love mixed with the intensity and lustful hunger of fucking.

The lustful animalistic hunger of making love
Your friend asked what you and your girl did all day, we have been lovefucking.
by sniper11b4 April 24, 2011
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The gentle passion of emotional love making mixed with pure physical lust

"baby lets make love tonight"

"fuck me hard."

"baby im gonna lovefuck the shit out of you"
by iwantfood February 22, 2010
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My boyfriend and I lovefucked all week after he got back from his trip.
by FecorV July 29, 2015
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Being caught off guard by realizing how much you love sumone
Dude i was totally kicking john cenas ass on smackdown vs. raw 08 when Britney Spears Walked into the room an LOVEFUCKED Me causing me to lose
by brandon ennis February 4, 2009
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When the amount of times a couple confesses their love to eachother is close to the amount of times people fuck in the show Shameless
“Man, the way you talk to her is like lovefuck
by Firewolf4 December 30, 2017
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