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A fan of the Loud Mouths podcast, featuring famous YouTube personalities WildSpartanz, Kwite and FPS DIESEL. Louthers are often eccentric in their ways, but are admirable people. Most of them like to herd together in the Loud Mouths' Discord server. Louthers with the 'active' role are truly dedicated fans.
Virgin normie: Hey, what's your favorite podcast?
Chad louther: The Loud Mouths.
Virgin normie: Oh you're a louther!
Chad louther: Yes, if you want to better yourself as a person I recommend subscribing to their channel on YouTube and binge watching every episode
by Proud Louther July 30, 2018
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a sexy guy who loves to destroy vag and will put everyone's dicks to shame
i wish i could kind a good louther
by qeifhuo May 06, 2008
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