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"Kwites a virgin."
"Yeah. Just like Brandon, Bluesdank, Quack it and Hoover
by Kwites a virgin August 19, 2018
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A gorgeous floating hoodie man who we should all aspire to be.
"I love Kwite, he's so cool!"
"When is the new kwite video, I can't wait!"
by Encouragement Cactus July 29, 2019
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You remind me of Kwite!
by Dingpiss January 31, 2022
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a floating torso with an annoyingly nice voice and psychic abilities
person 1: woah kwite was wearing masks before they were necessary
person 2: yeah he's either a psychic or a hipster
by hahaha shut up January 12, 2022
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A person of the female gender who is both a homosexual pertaining masculine or androgynous physical characters (a lesbian or dike) AND is also over-weight or obese.
"She's a bitch-kwite"
"That girl's a cunt-kwite"
by Caesar Nina-Lala September 10, 2007
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