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The perfect and sweetest girl, hands down. Generally, an awesome girl and super cute. She acts quiet and shy at first but is actually hilarious and sometimes brutally honest. Super nice and sees the best in everyone and everything. Happy. Just optimistic and happiness radiates off her. Probably loves coffee. Clumsy, yet classy. Fascinated with everything. Skilled at everything and holds potential but doesn't brag about it. Most likely will be in the library reading. Will give out gifts for every little thing and will feel bad for doing something as little as not smiling at a stranger. However, she secretely has negative thoughts and needs some comfort. She can be easily discouraged but will act happy to not bring down anyone else. Once she reaches her limit, she'll disappear.
Lourienne: "Aww look a cute bug!" *trips and falls over a pebble* "Oh no! I ruined the sidewalk!"
by SecretChoices July 24, 2018
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The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She's as unique as her spelling. Never a dull moment with her happy and weird personality. Likes everyone and everything and always focuses on the positive. Sweet and caring but is sometimes too generous. As sweet as she seems, she can be kind of crazy. She's clumsy and doesn't watch where she's going so always watch and take care of her. She'll also never leave you feeling down. She's a keeper, so don't give up your chance to be with her.
Guy: "I met this girl named Lourienne today."
Guy Friend: "Oh man, don't lose her. She's a keeper and you'll never meet another girl like her."
by NothingButTrue July 29, 2018
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