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A Lotten is a small irish garden gnome that wandered too far from it's birthing grounds (Home Depot) and absorbed high amounts of Mt Dew, 5$ pizzas, and g-fuel. Creating a mutation of red shaggy ass lookin hair, pale skin, and poor fortnite skills. If you spot a Lotten, run in the other direction because they might drag you into talking about how Naruto is stronger than Goku.
Oh shit! That man is so bad at fortnite... He must be a Lotten!
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by Matt Otten June 03, 2018
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A small Irishman whom has a fetish for Naruto hentai. He masturbates after every win in fortnite which causes his Woody to turn into a prune. They're diet consists of assorted Mt dew and Little Ceasers 5$ pizza.
"Boy, that Lotten sure does look like a hat-less garden gnome."
by Matt Otten June 01, 2018
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