A book series by Shannon Messenger, following the adventures of The Mysterious Miss F., (Sophie Foster).
Me: Oh my gods, you should totally read Keeper of the Lost Cities!
Me: okay!
by Violet the Empath November 17, 2020
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1: A name for a city or town that has had all of its religious institutions shut down either due to being over run by heavy taxation or strict discriminatory policies made by the government that heavily restrict what various religions can and can’t do to the point where they are unable to operate in that area
2: The city that supposedly sank into the ocean many years ago off the coast of Greece, or in other words Atlantis
According to the Smithsonian YouTube channel, the lost city of Atlantis is suspected of possibly being a town buried underground called Akrotiri on the Mediterranean island of Santorini.
by Vanguard 1998 March 25, 2021
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