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One word: LOSERBITCH. The worst person. Generally useless, wasteful, irrelevant, and inappropriate in every situation.
"So Loserbitch stole a bownie from work and got fired."
by britney.spears October 01, 2009
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to be considerd worthless and pitiful even under the poorest conditions you are considerd at the bottom
jimmmy:oh no i wrecked my moms car
john:ha ha loser bitch
by slade croy January 22, 2008
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a person, either male or female, who is incredibly; stupid, lazy, selfish, and intertaining.
Like oh my god, Becca was being such a loserbitch today because she wouldn't lend me the history notes.

Dude James is such a loserbitch, he broke his new skateboard on purpose just because he wanted another one.
by _e_killa_suckka! October 10, 2006
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