(verb) -
to spaz out, lose control/sanity, triggered by either some good shit, like music, food, liquor, etc.

the equivalence of going Ape Shit, only non-violently.
"I've got stuff to make you lose your shit"

"soon as that bassline hit, he lost his shit."

"hit me with that Nathan's, just about ready to lose my shit."

by last one in April 10, 2009
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the state of being pushed over the edge of sanity and having a complete and utter freak out or mental/emotional breakdown
1. Dude your Losing your shit.

2. On a day to day basis I tip toe the line of losing my shit.

3. If you don't shut the fuck I'm gonna lose my shit and punch babies.

by mau810 April 11, 2011
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the state of mental breakdown resulting from near overdose of hallucinogens.
Dude, remember when you were on the verge of losing your shit after eating that handful of Nixon Candy and ranted for an hour about the destruction and repair of your favorite headphones?
by hop December 14, 2003
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