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An incredibly gorgeous, insanely hawt, intelligent, hard-working, goofball of a woman who loves with a big heart, and makes amazing food. She is a dog lover and avid cleaner. Lorynn is a champion of naps and a unicorn connoisseur
Me: "look at that hawt monster over there! That MUST be a Lorynn."
Friend: "dude if she sends you food pics she's a keeper"
Me: "I want her to have my babies"
by Ballin.6 August 04, 2018
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Lorynn is a really really pretty girl with a HUGE ego. She has a pretty short temper but once you know what sets her off you’ll love her to death. She is amazing at sucking dick. She’ll make you cum in literally just seconds. Every guy that looks at her automatically gets a bull boner.
Guy: Hey Lorynn will you please go out with me you’re so irresistible and I heard you’re really good at giving head.

Lorynn: No I’m way too good for you.
by suckfuck69 November 18, 2017
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Is a very beautiful girl with a bigggg who loves to orgazom and loves getting head she loves dick she’s amazing she’s so cuddly and kind and really annoying but in a cute way
Lorynn likes cock
by Ekiller253 November 19, 2017
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