An awesome, hilarious, adorable gal with a creative mind. She loves to help people whenever she can and gets all of the guys. She is always kind to people but don’t mess around with her or you will see a whole nother side of her. She is a great friend and a wonderful companion
Look at that girl over there! She is so gorgeous! “

“ That’s that new girl Lorina! “
by Rainbow_nighas101 April 10, 2018
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Female. Latina. Classy, Spontaneous, Unique & smart individual with alot of goals in her life. She is a loyal companion & lover. She always has the best advice & trys to help you as much as she can! She can be the biggest sweetheart, but yet if you get on her bad side you will see one angry latina. Her anger is as strong as her love. She loves meeting new people & trying new things.
That girl over there is fiesty! She must be a Lorina.
by sexy_boriqua07 February 01, 2010
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A beautiful girl with a HUGE HEART! She will always make your day no matter how sad you feel. She is a girl that will ALWAYS be there for you and will always try her best to make you know your worth. She puts others before herself but don’t you dare take advantage. That girl will ghost you in a millisecond. She is a Latina who is sweet with a hint of the hottest pepper. She is extremely good at academics and gets really good grades. She is very sensitive for others and wants to hear both sides of every story. She does not like to judge others because she knows how much it hurts. She is wise beyond her age and loves animals. A wonderful woman to talk to and will get any man to fall in love with her outstanding charms. She is very hilarious and can always make a joke out of a situation. Though she can also be very serious and know when to stop joking around. You’ll love any girl with this name. They are the most special people you’ll ever meet and they can change your life forever in the most positive way possible
Oh how I love that gorgeous girl, Lorina! She is so wonderful and I cannot keep my eyes off of her!
by urfavtruthteller101 December 29, 2019
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