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A sad, young girl that was so hypersexualized as a child that she is only known for her looks and attractive body when she is still just a 16 year old.
Where are loren grays parents?
by CRAZED YAOI FANGIRL June 18, 2018
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3 untalented 14 year old girl who lipsyncs on with the heaviest make up.
2.has had 2 boyfriends. to be strong and independent and says she is currently "focusing on herself" but that is just another coverup to fuck all the boys around her.

4.the youngest hoe to exist.
5.posts snapchats of herself studying and being busy due to school, but really is a dumb bitch who lost her whole future because she mistakenly took compliments from 11 year olds too serious.
life is all good as long as you're not a loren gray.
by whynot_joey March 08, 2017
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Cute ass bitch who has amazing lips and amazing hair with amazing eyes. She's a model and got famous for moving her lips. Lmao y'all work harder than that and get paid less, losers!

Loren is a role model and flipping perfect.
Loren Gray is a real crowd pleaser.
by Duck you mother ducker April 22, 2017
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