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A sad, young girl that was so hypersexualized as a child that she is only known for her looks and attractive body when she is still just a 16 year old.
Where are loren grays parents?
by CRAZED YAOI FANGIRL June 18, 2018
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A teen girl that loves herself and her own music releases far more than any of her 16 million Instagram followers, aka bot spam accounts. She is yet to learn that her youthful, promiscuous looks will soon fade like the now defunct Britney Spears and once more there will be a newer and more attractive teen star out on the scene pouting her glossy lips like a sex object. Hopefully his time though, with a much higher IQ.
Girl) I used IG audit to check the Instagram of Loren Gray she has over 4 million fake followers.

Girl) Yep, she’s another Britney Spears all over again.. without the tits and ass!
by Da realist shiit. April 06, 2019
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A basic blond haired blue eyed girl who got famous of lip syncing songs and looking pretty she has no talent but has over 10MIL followers on Instagram she thinks she can sing but she can’t
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by Noah centimeter November 23, 2018
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A mean fake bitch who is only famous because of musically, shaking her non existant butt and boobs, and moving her lip gloss- drenched lips. She is famous because she is apparently "gorgeous." But when she takes off her makeup she is really medicore. She just puts 100000 pounds of makeup to look pretty. People work so much harder but paid less.
Loren Gray's eyelash extensions are longer than my life spam.
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by 123fortandbree November 01, 2018
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Loren Gray is a celebrity who uses instagram, Snapchat and twitter. She also has a big YouTube channel, which she made as a young girl. When she was younger she found Musical.Ly which gave her somewhat fame. She now is a instagram model and uses YouTube time to time. She has “angels” which are her fans.
Person 1: “Do you like Loren Gray?”
Person 2: “No”
by izzywag November 21, 2018
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loren gray beech is a girl who took up on her fame from tik tok musically but she gets lots of hates from lea and leators and she is often found twerking in her insta stories instagram and is dating james charles’ brother ian jeffrey and she is often called an bitch her fans are called angels
angel : hey do you like loren gray’s new song?

person : ew no

angel : well you suck and u are not an angel

person : ok
angel : bruh u a leator
by jenniiieeeeeeeeieiie January 09, 2019
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loran gray; a girl with an obnoxious smile who's face you annoys you deeply. Somebody you wish could shut up without even hearing them talk. Just one look and you know what kind of person a loren gray is.
Person 1: OMG, that girl is soooooooooo annoying, look at her, she looks so obnoxious.
Person 2: i know right, such a loren gray
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by itsbritneyyybiatchhh September 24, 2018
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