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Loralee is a very athletic person that enjoys the outdoors. There are not many of them but the few there are are great! Very kind and caring toward other people and a great leader. But remember not to piss them off! You will regret it.
Loralee is the best person I have ever met!
by blahh156983 January 23, 2013
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The coolest chick in the whole fucking world
Loralee is the coolest girl in the whole fucking world.
by Not telling February 19, 2005
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This Lovely Lady is a 26 year old mother to Levi and Lea who act in totally opposite ways. Lea is a cry baby and Levi loves it when people play with him and is always the happy one. Loralee is the thin type. Although Loralee is a mother, she touches you with her heartfelt warmth and she uses encouraging words that feel very healing to you. She asks you "what happened? and during during church time she reminds you if underneath your dress is showing and she really would stop to have a conversation how she wants you to dress modest. That is her strength. Former teaacher who resigned to start a daycare at her house with husband Daniel Luminare. Daniel is a very playful joker who takes you by surprise. His jokes makes him sound like a welcoming and inviting person. A Loralee has 9 other siblings including Lydia, who I enjoy have conversations about God. Enough said. Loralee is a brilliant, and NEVER fiesty soul. Her motherly side touches other girls too.
Loraleee is the best mother ever.
by ChristianQueen May 21, 2018
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