buzzed or drunk. typically off of Grey Goose Vodka (bottle service at the club).
I dont know what I was thinking when I said that, I must have been loose off the goose.
by DirtyWaterbury October 20, 2016
Any significantly long or significantly intoxicated night on drugs and/or alchohol shared amongst more than one participant. Loose-offs typically involve all or a majority of participants acting loose as per most standard definitions (including intoxication and debauchery). In Firehouse Hotel nomenclature the loose-off requires or results in participants being belted Loose-off is related to the US sporting term "Playoff" and can be understood as a Playoff (or Grand Final) of Looseness. Usually the title is conferred after the event. Eager (and brave) participants can establish a night out on the basis that it will become a loose-off
Last night was a total loose-off, I don't even know how I got home.
by Washed Up Walter September 2, 2008