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What John Green writes when The Fault in Our Stars isn't enough death for him.
friend: what are you reading?
you: Looking for Alaska.
friend: oh cool whats it about?
you: *gasps*
you: *cries*
friend: WHAT?
by OurLittleInfinity June 09, 2014
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1)John Green the Michael L. Printz award winner's first book. So far there is no sequel, nor does John intend on writing one, but Looking for Alaska may be made into a movie. John Green has also written two other books, An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns.

2) "Lookin for Alaska" is a song written by Liane Graham covered by Hank Green for John Green's book Looking for Alaska.
Person 1: Looking for Alaska is one of my favorite books.
Person 2: Ya, but have you heard the song for the book? It rocks my socks.
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Looking for Alaska is one of John Green's books that have been written by the author John Green. The story takes places that is divided into two parts, before and after.

Before: Miles "Pudge" Halter is a student at Culver Creek. Pudge was an innocent little soul until he met Alaska Young. An intelligent, screwed up, and god damn sexy girl. Pudge starts falling for Alaska but for Alaska, she dragged Pudge into a labyrinth of situations that sounded not innocent but they seemed like fun. From smoking to having drinking parties in the woods while they confess their emotions, Pudge starts drowning into emotions of rebellion, love and schoolwork.

After: Nothing is the same for Pudge.

If you wanna know what happens after, read the book!
Weird person I don't know or like: Have you read Looking For Alaska?

Me: *starts yodelling

WPIDKOL: u ok?

Me: I read Looking for Alaska over a 100 times, and yet I still want the god damn movie!

WPIDKOL: okay......?
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by notamazingwords August 27, 2017
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