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Lontey is the real, equally retarded, name of Sloth from misfit-galore film 'The Goonies'.
"Lontey love..Chunk..Lontey kiss Chunk.. alot.."
"Mr..Lontey..s-sir! I don't w-wanna kiss you no more!"
"You want a candy bar?! Sir?!"
"Yeah, Lontey likes chocolate dontcha?"
"Look! I got a Baby Ruth!"
"Auuwwah! Ruth! Ruth! Baby! Ruth!"
"Mr.Lontey, Sir, your ears are twitching.."
"GUUAGH!" *Lontey dropped his chocolate*
"AAAAH!" *Chunk gets scared incase Lontey kissed him in anger. Much to his surprise, he doesn't.*
"Sir..Lontey..Mister..I d-don't think we should scream no more..kiss me you pissbeast."
*Much nasty Lonteylovechunk ensues*
by Mr.Plasticiiiine July 18, 2003
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