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Positive things about Long Beach MS: Everyone who is anyone wants to live here. It`s a clean, low-crime little city West of Gulfport MS, and East of Pass Christian MS. It lines the Gulf of Mexico, and is part of the gulf coast. it has a beautiful, and historical looking downtown.
Negative things about Long Beach MS: It has the highest property taxes in MS. It has a lot of elderly people that don`t have lives, because they`ve already lived them. Don`t walk down the street because someone will call LBPD on you. LBPD is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you`re going to get, but most of them make you sick. Younger people need to take over the political positions in Long Beach MS, and invite businesses to come thrive, and help lower taxes. It needs more diversity, and less rich, and deep pocketed city officials.
Q: I love living in Long Beach MS, but what`s up with all of the houses for sale?
A: People can`t afford to live here due to the taxes & house insurance costs.
No trailer-homes aloud in Long Beach MS!
Cost of living in Long Beach MS is the same as in NY, and CA, only the residence here earn a lot less in income.
Q:What is a cost of living raise?
A:Long Beach MS doesn`t know.
by housepoor June 21, 2011
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