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1. To sit or meander about (whether in life as a whole or at a specific time) with no apparent purpose, direction, or desire for either.

2. The act of choking on a lollipop.

3. A term used to describe a singer's voice who either has no vocal talent or who appears to have no idea what they are even singing about.
1. All those bums ever do is lolly-gag around the park all day.

2. He was lolly-gagging like a cat on a hair-ball so I gave 'im the ol' heimlick.

3. Turn that lolly-gaggin' crap off before my ears start up-chuckin'.
by ClothyMonster April 06, 2011
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When your sister lolly starts gaggin on your dick because you are "too deep"
Yesterday i walked in on rob and his sister on their house, and what a surprise. Rob was lollygaggin on the couch.
by mr_k January 21, 2015
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