Lollo is a very nice person. Everybody loves her. She is like god. She has never done a bad thing in her life. Go Lollo!
1. OMG I think I just met jesus!
2. No silly, it was only Lollo…
by Matzolover123 April 21, 2020
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frizzy, shiny, thick, compact curly hair...usually linked to a lollo
1-wow! there's something different in you..
2- yeah, i've had my lollo's done yesterday at the hair dresser's

your lollo's look terrible you should wash them
by clover! November 22, 2005
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Extensive and distended labia minor, frilled and 'bunched up' like the curly leaved "Lollo Rosso" lettuce. Caused by frequent stretching of the labia by natural or unnatural means - childbirth, 2 quart coke bottles, marrows, large cucumbers etc etc - the labia are continually stretched and do not return to their former trim shape, but ruffle up like the edges of a gathered tablecloth or like the aforementioned lettuce.
Any girl over 40 with (large headed) kids has Lollo Rosso
by General Filth September 1, 2006
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A non-religious ceremony to celebrate a girls coming of age during the January before her 16th birthday. The details of what happen exactly must be kept a dead secret from all male-kind.
Gee: So Cath, what are you wearing for your Yo Lollo Diuh?

Matt: GAAAH!!!!
by Heffaleffa January 16, 2010
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