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A website which depicts grammatically inept, socialist cats that suck time out of anyone who is foolish enough to look. Most likely created by crazy cat ladies... or Hitler, either way they're frickin' sweeet!!
"Hey man, have you heard from Luke?"

"Nah man, he was on Lolcatz last I heard."

"Damn they got him, too"
by Lolcatz lover February 23, 2010
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An interweb sensation, it is the term for silly pictures of cats with subtitles. They are generally characterized by poor spelling and grammar, and for unknown reasons, tend to mention cheese burgers often.

One reason for this may be that the (rumored) first lolcat ever said "I can has Cheezburger?"
"hey! Did you see the lol catz with the Persian kitten?"

"The one that said 'you eated my cheezburger'? Yeah, it was funny but what an ugly kitten"
by Repetitive_Redundancy May 06, 2009
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only the best effing use of the internet EVER. Features pictures of cats with witty sayings on them, generally mispelled and ALWAYS cute :
I canz has a chezburger?

roar, ima eatchuuu!

yew eated mah kookie?

i iZ a lolcatz
by chapstyk3333 January 29, 2009
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The word expressed when viewing a picture of a laughing feline
I saw the funniest video of a nomster cat last night! I lolcatzed so hard!
by I. Am. A. Lolcat. March 22, 2012
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