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A lolagon has 1337 sides each made out of rofls. In other words, something is very funny.
Person 1: Rofl, what do you think of posting this joke anonymously?

Person 2: Lolagon!!!!! Omfg, do it!!!!!
by PChao November 18, 2010
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It is a shape that has 46862 sides made out of RoFlS if the word is in Capital letters or 1337 if it has a capital L at the begining.
it was created by a man in the AWESOME city of lincoln by a man called Dach Taylor,he found the shape in his shed and named the Shape LOLAGON.
Person (girl) 1: What the F**k is this Shape

Person (boy) 2:a lolagon

person 1: Want to have sex ?

person 2: only if "david attenborough" was here lol
it works everytime
by edward dickson January 12, 2012
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lolagon or LOLAGON is a longer word or name for lol but takes the form of of an octergon
someone falls over

someone falls over
by BILLSAR July 21, 2011
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