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A program that performs a certain action when certain conditions are met, such as deleting all files on Christmas eve, although it is not necessarily malevolent. Though it is not technically a virus, it is often grouped that way.
There was some speculation that the turn of the millenium will set off tons of logic bombs that lie dormant in computers.
by Larstait November 06, 2003
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A phrase, or verbal tactical argument that is so utterly flawless in it's logic that it obliterates any previously made statements by other people present in the conversation.
Diana:"Why is Sam crying in the corner?"
Nicole: "Because I just logic bombed his belief that he will one day get into medical school and become a doctor, based upon the fact that he has already failed the MCAT three times."
Diana:" Ah, i see."
by Nikki87 March 31, 2009
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A phrase, or verbal tactical argument that is sufficiently devastating in its logic to blatantly show the inherent irrationality of an idea, a policy, a social norm, or an institution, and therefore to destroy it.

(There is of course, sadly, the potentially long interim period between when a social norm or institution is destroyed logically and when it ends in actuality.)
Slavery: search the writings of Frederick Douglass
Dueling: see Robert Axelrod's Complexity of Cooperation

Example of a Logic Bomb for the death penalty:

Because inherently some few innocent people are executed every year, those that support the death penalty, particularly those judges, etc. that willingly participate in carrying it out, are at the very least serial accomplices in murder (and because it is willful and premeditated, they are likely 1st degree offenders). Because of the high number of such cases (not to mention the particular cruelty and callousness involved, let alone the serial nature of their crimes) they are eligible for the death penalty, and should be placed under arrest immediately.
by Belief Show September 25, 2011
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a loud exclamation said a verbal statement that completely befuddles, bewilders, and discombobulates someone.

Only valid if they make a confused sound.
(what? Whaaa?!?)
So, lil' johnny, what do you want for Christmas?

I have 4 dads.
by 3k1yp2 December 05, 2009
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