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A slang nickname for someone whose name is Logan
S’up Logdog
by Graesen May 31, 2018
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LogDog is a nickname for a super popular and sexy guy, he is very handsome and awesome. He is athletic and smart and fun to be around
Guy: Man I wish I could be as cool as LogDog
Girl: LogDog is so hot
by Log_Dog24 February 13, 2017
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A log in the shape of a dog. Also a boy. Loves fortnite to an unhealthy extent. Very sexy. Very sweet. A good boy I call him. A boy dog I call Log dog. Actually I don’t really call him Log Dog, I call him Logan, occasionally Log. Logan is one of a kind. One of the sweetest Log Dogs I know. Incredibly lovable, sexy, silly, cute and muscular like big foot. Not as furry as big foot tho. Very ticklish, snuggly and genuine. Would rate Log dog a 10/10
Is that a log dog? No its Logan. Oh wait! It can’t be either, he doesn’t know what fortnite is!
by Stellals246 May 16, 2018
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