Australian college student and youtuber aka soundcloud rapper (see “J. Grimes”) . Notorious for his terrible music and crazy hair. he makes YouTube videos about the crazy shit he does as He’s prone to criminal versatility and shows no remorse for his reckless crimes, he may be beautiful but he’s no angel. Not much is known about his origin but he enjoys breaking the rules and is considered a 12 year old in an adult body. if Logan is mentioned anywhere usually crime or violence follows. please stay away from this guy if you value your sanity and soul
Girl 1: omg Tyler is so hot
Girl 2: he’s not Logan grimes though

Girl 1: ew you like Logan ?

Girl 2: hell yes! there’s just something so mysterious about him

Girl 1: well if you wanna end up a single mom with her baby daddy in jail then go for it

Girl 2: .........
by Miss chaos queen June 10, 2021
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A poorly judged individual whom everyone likes to judge based solely on his appearance and voice simply because everybody thinks he’s the badguy when he’s not.

Logan just wants to free people and expose the worse types than himself. he’s something of a criminal mind yet he’s not evil.

the difference between Logan grimes and evil people (companies, celebrities, politicians, etc) is that he never tries to delude you into thinking he’s a saint, he outright tells you what he’s about yet majority of people like to lie to your face and pretend to be your best friend.

Logan Grimes is a dream disguised as a nightmare....or was it the other way around?

Also, yes he’s a SoundCloud rapper, actor, writer, Internet gangster, dancer and former PI

it’s junior grimes (Logan) who were talking about , right? Duh!
Logan grimes has commited so many crimes and done wrong to so many people without any ounce of remorse and for what? Because he’s damaged and flawed and is in pain

Logan/junior needs the sympathy for his crimes as he can’t help himself and is the innocent criminal


Logan: let’s go back to my place, girl

Nikki: omg your too bad of a boy for me to do that

Logan: I wasn’t asking ;)

Nikki: 0_o

Logan: I can see feel your desire

Nikki: omg your right. I want you badly , J!

*both proceed to make out and get naked*
by Unusually late August 6, 2021
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some kid with a beard who works multiple jobs and does everything possible (learn multiple languages, trains in boxing, plays instruments and write books, parkour, etc) also known under “J grimes” or even junior grimes.

Hits on every girl he meets and in love with bella chick.

Logan thinks he’s invincible just because he’s got his own car and place. A real life johnny bravo if you will.
logan grimes is a fuckboi who doesn’t know how to grow up
by Dadadarla July 14, 2021
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